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On this page I am going to continue to update any new items that deal with adult neurogenesis.

because I believe the failure to proliferate enough human hippocampus adult neurogenesis is the proximate cause of schizophrenia.

for those not SO interested in neuro- science please go to carers of schizophrenia links for carers.


? Hope for the future Alonso a way to more adult NSC's [Neural Stem Cells]

Chen:- engineering in vivo neurogenesis

an introduction to adult NG regulation

For and against adult human neurogenesis.a very full review

latest review



Tobin supports adult neurogenesis


A most thorough Study description of how different counting techniques could overlook cells. It finds thusands of new cell neurogenesis in the adult human hippocampus

a positive appraisal of the above study

A second study confirma adult neurogenesis

Positive support from carbon dating

Ernst et al

Spalding et al

Evidence from histological counting,

Boldrini et al

and Coras as in rodents, human hippocampus has neurogenesis . Its activity correlates with memory ability in the people from whom the sample was surgically taken .
I.e the samples were fresh takes, immediately examined
New cells shown to proliferate in vitra

Examining for hippocampus neurogenesis in three sample populations: normal, depression samples showed the the same activity in neurogenesis; schizophrenia had only half that rate of neurogenesis
Reif et al 2006 replicated and verified for continuing schizophrenia - nine years later

by Allen et al

Hippocampal dental gyrus: Neurogenesis proliferation is reduced by over half.

I.e. there is human neurogenesis, shown to be halved in continuing schizophrenia.



2018 Sorrels et al - there is no human adult neurogenesis in the hippocampus

a previous study agrees;



Sorrells discuss the hippocampus adult neurogenesis disagreement again;

'they made similar observations to Boldrini and her colleagues’, but after performing extensive additional analysis of the shape and appearance of the cells in question, including electron microscopy and gene expression, the UCSF researchers determined that the cells were not, in fact, young neurons or neural progenitors. They were different cell types altogether'

sorrels again

" “accurately identifying newborn neurons is a complicated endeavor requiring multiple lines of evidence to rule out alternative explanations, none of which are presented in this study.” The cells’ appearance and protein profiles, he notes, suggest they are “actually a distinct set of mature hippocampal neurons that have been there since childhood.”

Cipriani:- Against Cipriani

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For and against adult human neurogenesis


also a review

again 'the bombshell' reviewed.

Kempermann revisits the controversy

Snyder revisits January 2019