Terms of Reference


The purpose of the C....... Foundation Trust (CFT) Trust Carers Committee is to demonstrate how CFT contributes effectively to ensuring Carers of Mental Health patients using CFT Services have a regular forum for raising concerns, being heard and promoting good practice and service developments to ensure and to provide the Trust with the carer experience of the CFT delivery of services, to the seriously mentally ill

The Trust Carers Committee shall have due regard to the Trust's Five strategic Objectives- as follows:

To deliver high quality, safe and accessible services
To maximise the potential of our workforce to deliver high quality patient care
To achieve best value and ensure the Trust is sustainable and financially sound into the future
To diversify and develop services that meet commissioner and service user needs and expectations
To improve mental health and well-being by working in partnership to create life opportunities for our patients
Shall take due regard to the content and conclusions of those Public Reports that have examined and commented on the workings of the Trust services as they concern Carers.


Representatives from Service Lines, Carers, Carer Support Service and Kernow Young Carers Service. New members to be sought and encouraged by all members and to be confirmed via Chair.


3 Carer Representatives and 3 Trust Representatives.


The Advisory Group will meet monthly


The duties delegated to the Committee are as follows.

1) To examine information from the Trust as to how changes in Trust of delivery in practice might impact on the position of carers
2) To inform the Trust management of the experience of carers who have received service from the Trust 3)To provide the carer experience of the effect of Trust service delivery has and had on those they care for
4) To comment when necessary on changes to the Trust delivery of resources
5) To advice and inform new developments relevant to Mental Health Carers for the improvement of service provision.


It shall be the responsibility of the Chair to arrange for: publication of an annual list with the dates, time and venue of each meeting. Arrange for the agenda and relevant papers to be distributed to Members of the meeting, 3 days prior to the meeting. A record of any action points to be made and for this to be distributed to the attendees, no later than 10 days following the meeting. To receive information from events and distribute out.


The Terms of Reference shall be reviewed on an annual cycle, or at the direction of the Chair of the meeting. Compliance with them will be monitored against the minutes of the meetings held in the previous twelve month period.

One result of establishing the the Trust Carer Committee is that one Trust member attending - is the Trust designated spokes person for Carer issues, who can and will attend a Community Team weekly meeting to see to it that attention to the agenda item 'carer issues' is taken seriously.

As well,

Psychiatric Community Team Meetings are held weekly.

They are Minuted and led by a routine agenda, that includes an item - Carer Issues - it ensures that if any kind of carer has a problem, it will always get the carer problem entered into discussion with the whole team, minuted to indicate action to follow.

If they feel it might be overlooked, Carers should put their matter in writing to the team secretary or Trust chief Executive.

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