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A UK website, principally for about and carers for schizophrenia; family, community, and professional service caring, who should - must ! - give voice for the best interests of those cared for: they can't, they won't, they don't, voice for themselves

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On this page I am going to continue to up date any new items that deal with adult neurogenesis,

because I believe the failure to proliferate enough human hippocampus adult neurogenesis is the proximate cause of schizophrenia.

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what value would adult neurogenesis in the hippocampus bring [ i've lost the attribution ]

adult NG regulation

Is there any Human adult neurogenesis ?

For adult human neurogenesis

Boldrini et al

Spalding et al ;- radio-active dating of human adult neurogenesis

and Coras as in rodents, human hippocampus has neurogenesis . Its activity correlates with memory ability in the people from whom the sample was surgically taken .
I.e the samples were fresh takes, immediately examined

Examining for hippocampus neurogenesis in three sample populations: normal, depression samples showed the the same activity in neurogenesis; schizophrenia had only half that rate of neurogenesis
Reif et al 2006 replicated and verified for continuing schizophrenia - nine years later

by Allen et al

Hippocampal dental gyrus: Neurogenesis proliferation is reduced by over half.

I.e. there is human neurogenesis, shown to be halved in continuing schizophrenia.



April 2018 Sorrels et al - there is no human adult neurogenesis in the hippocampus

a previous study agrees

Sorrells 'there are signs of neurogenesis in the lining of brain ventricles',

Sorrells discuss the hippocampus adult neurogenesis disagreement again;


now a comment ... Snyder reviews Human adult neurogenesis


another review comment

again 'the bombshell' reviewed.

hippo neuro

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